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Sandra Lensink

March 25, 2016

Yogaretreats Portugal


We have seen many locations for a yoga-retreat. Unfortunately every time something was wrong with it. The surroundings, the price, the guest-chambers or the yoga-space. I started doubting it, already. Am I too choosy? Luckily not. At the Quinta of dear friends Pieter and Alice, everything literally fell into place. How do I know this with such certainty? It is almost a fairy-tale. Read this…

Last year in August I borrowed the book E-squared by Pam Grout. The book contains 9 Do-It Yourself Energy Experiments to prove that your thoughts can create your own reality. Curiously I started the assignment to see ‘something remarkable’ within 48 hours. I chose a ladybug. For 48 hours long I am alert. Nothing unfortunately. ‘Well, what nonsense that is’, I thought immediately.

Not one, at least 50
The following day we go away for the weekend. To the ‘Hoge Veluwe’ in Apeldoorn. On our arrival we chose a nice, sunny spot. Our new camper, which we just bought for our ‘journey’ shines. Well, time to stretch our legs. We put on our running-shoes. On our return I am stunned. Am I seeing stars? No, ladybugs.

Our guardian angels
After this weekend the interior of our camper was completely stripped and redone. I did not see any, or think about, ladybugs. Until we started our ‘journey’ on the third of December. After a few days one suddenly crawled over the window. And still. About once a week a cheerfully dotted bug appears. Every time with a different colour red and different dots. They seem to be our guardian angels.

One morning in Orgiva I remember this game again. I want to see one again. Not in the camper. That is too easy. So universe, do your thing. Two hours later Floyd and I go into the mountains for a long walk. And suddenly….oh my. Yes there! From the corner of my eye I see a sunbathing ladybug on the path. Am I losing it? Luckily the delicate bug photographs well. Otherwise you would never believe me. My mind is blown.

What Joaninho means?
Remarkable story. But are you finally going to tell what this has to do with finding the perfect yoga retreat location? Yes, yes. Anyway. Two weeks ago we arrived at Pieter and Alice in Portugal. Their beautiful quinta and the surroundings immediately feel like home. In the back of my head I hear a little hopeful voice. Will this be the right place? I awake from my fantasising when Jeroen walks up to me with ‘the biggest smile ever’. He asks me. Do you know what this house is called? Yes: Quinta de Ribeiro Joaninho. Do you know what that means? Well, no; what? House in the Valley of the Ladybug.


This is the sign for me!
This is the place to be! Here I hope to move, meditate, enjoy food, chat, swim and dance together with a maximum of 8 participants. To have fun together! What this location has in store for us?
– 4 very spacious 2 person bedrooms with a luxurious private bathroom including bath.
– A large living room with equally large fireplace.
– A large kitchen with large outdoor terrace to enjoy meals together.
– A large outdoor terrace with views of the valley, suited for all yoga sessions.
– A nice indoor area to do yoga in case the weather is not so good.
– A lot of nature; surrounding us completely.
– A saltwater swimming pool. A natural spring to swim in, with waterfall.
– Many nice nooks and corners to retreat to, and enjoy the sun.

Yoga week
From Saturday the 24th of September until Friday the 30th of September I will organise a Yoga holiday in Portugal (a holiday filled with critical alignment yoga and relaxation).

Run & yoga week
From Saturday the 1st of October until Friday the 8th of October I will organise a Run & Yoga-week here in Portugal. A holiday containing trail running and critical alignment yoga.

In case you are already interested in one of both holidays, please contact me (Sandra).

Yoga retreat in Portugal