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November 13, 2015

What we do

What we do
Traveling through Europe in our camper, we are surprised by every day. Without a set plan, set route, for an unknown time, we take the time to be inspired by that what comes on our way. Our journey is not a sabbatical. It is an adventurous quest to a way of life and work which is more relaxed, aware and playful.

Jeroen, what will you do during ‘the journey’?
Besides discovering what lies ahead, I want to further develop all facets of ‘being a coach’. I learn best by playfully experiencing and moving. That is how I want to give others new realisations. For this I use, amongst others, Deeper Discovery by Insights and the golf metaphor. In the game of golf all facets of your character are brought forward. Also I translate the 18 holes to your personal life line. The ‘moving’ I take very literally by taking you into nature. This can be on a golf course, but also a park, forest or into the mountains. I like to guide you individually as well as in a team. While writing I like to inspire you about: the golf metaphor, trail running, coaching, team building, leadership and of course our journey.

Sandra, what will you do during ‘the journey’?
Besides being curious about everything that comes our way, I would like to further develop the challenge, between exercise and relaxation, the combination of yoga and trail running offers. Moving with pleasure, flexibility, technique, in connection with my breathing, body and mind I discover my natural power. One with nature I feel at my fittest, happiest and very creative. After all of this exercise, healthy cooking is relaxing and meditative for me. I discover and like to share what Europe has to offer in the field of my passions. While writing I like to inspire you about: yoga, trail running, healthy food, spirituality and of course our journey as well.

Floyd, what will you do during ‘the journey’?
Naturally as a dog I always live in ‘the now’. I teach my masters how life within the pack, a.k.a. BUNDL. works. In a pack everything revolves around working together, leadership, attention and energy. When they do not show these qualities in a calm and balanced way I will reflect this immediately in my behaviour. My further dog-tasks are: sniffing, walking, running, tracking, dragging branches around and running after balls. My days are packed! And at night I lay down tired and snore contently in my basket or in the lap of one of my masters.