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November 13, 2015

It’s time to bundl.

Who is BUNDL.?
Hi! We are Jeroen, Sandra and Floyd, a.k.a. BUNDL.
The three of us are traveling through Europe in our camper. The choice of a nomad’s life was born from a deep seeded desire for freedom. For time with each other! For time to focus on our passions. For room to be able to take unexpected and unknown exits. For a more conscious and much more playful life. For a discovery of deep connections with inspiring people, locations and activities. To be able to stop for ‘the moment’. In first to be able to write about our experiences. And when the time is right, to organise workshops and retreats in inspiring locations. You are very welcome to follow us on our journey!

1186009_4971604461549_976298151_nJeroen, who are you?
My name is Jeroen Jonk and I have been a coach & trainer for 15 years. As an avid hockey player I enjoyed analysing my fellow players and our strengths within the team. In my work I have translated this into building top-teams within companies. In which ‘taking the lead’ and ‘learning by experience’ is key. I am very curious about people and like to search for adventure. By working hard, my playfulness has been under pressure. I am flexible, accommodating and a good listener. I can be strong-willed at times, resolute and sometimes even stubborn. My slogan: ‘Look after yourself, look after each other’.

Sandra, how do you see Jeroen?
Jeroen is our rock. His energy is more balanced than mine. Jeroen radiates confidence and trust, people like to be around him. He also opens doors by going up to people and asking for what he wants, from his strength. Jeroen is a born optimist, a yes-sayer. He likes to use the outlines and can be hurried or messy. My heart melts from his mischievous appearance!

10983487_10203042432855392_4491945874489658237_oSandra, who are you?
My name is Sandra Lensink and 5 years ago I started my own business as a vitality and yoga coach. I do, rather than talk about things and get people literally moving with my enthusiasm, I can perfectly sense the atmosphere and can anticipate to it in a creative way. I am always looking for ‘new paths’ and am able to connect these. I am (at sometimes too) perfectionistic. Discipline and determinedness have brought me to places in life. I find enlightenment gentleness to myself and others. I practise what I preach and I love it!

Jeroen, how do you see Sandra?
Sandra’s energy goes up and down, which means there is ‘never a dull moment’. With amazement I look at her enormous creativity and will-power. When she is somewhat uncertain at times, she creates a tough exterior. When you get through that, you will find a lot of warmth, love and cheerfulness. Sandra’s drive to feel vital is contagious to me!

10505622_10202027472962029_544559641158324723_nFloyd, who are you?
I am a very sweet, affectionate, energetic dog with a will of my own. Three years ago I was looking for new masters. After a trial-weekend I instantly fell in love with Jeroen & Sandra and luckily they also fell in love with me. Every day I can go into the woods with them. And at night we sometimes cuddle up on the sofa together. Ooh how I love that! At a certain time I felt adventure was coming. And now I am so happy! Yeah, play outside everyday even more and run until even I am tired.

Jeroen and Sandra, how do you see Floyd?
Since Floyd has come into our lives we have become even more aware of our rushed lives. Every few hours he let us know it was time for a long walk or a game, to get away from the computer. When we made a trip in our old, small camper we felt on top of the world, so much freedom! Floyd is always cheerful and happy. He makes us laugh and crawl up to us when he notices one of us is sad. Since Floyd has come into our lives we feel like a true pack, a BUNDL.