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Sandra Lensink

December 12, 2015

The departure!

After months of talking, fantasising and dreaming the time has finally come! To be precise we will depart on Thursday the 3th of December at 2 o’clock from the gate of the ‘Herenboerderij de Bunker’, and drive into Europe. After a delicious and cosy lunch with my parents-in-law Hans & Els, we say goodbye in our own way. Together with sister-in -law Olga and friend Belinda we go into the swimming pond for a cold water bath. The water feels wonderfully refreshing, like our dance of joy. What a release of energy! Hopefully many dives will follow on the road…

Tour of Holland
Our journey starts with a visit to Utrecht. Two weeks before our departure we are tipped by theatre maker Tjerk Ridder who has just made a new theatre show ‘Slow Ride, sporen van vrijheid (tracks of freedom)’. Our answer to the central theme of the evening: ‘What was a moment of liberation in your life?’ is TODAY! The drive into town and especially the parking is thrilling, but eventually everything ends up fine! And immediately we start talking in the streets with Jan from Utrecht about ‘free life’, after his questions about our stickered camper.

Camping in the wild in Otterlo
After the show we drive to Otterlo so we can have a cup of coffee at my parents. From an earlier visit we remember a nice parking place in nature to camp at in the wild. And that becomes very literal when we are greeted by a group of red deer at our arrival. We enjoy the silence for a bit and fall asleep, fulfilled about the start of our journey.

Teardrop eggs
After a long morning walk we meet my parents at the camper. And as a nice surprise my sister and niece have joined them, with a bottle of champagne under their arms. Thank you! We will save that for the holidays. My mother has also brought some tasty things amongst which a box of eggs from their own chickens. When I open it later I well up. What a nice message the eggs give, We love you! With mixed emotions we head off in the direction of the Ardennes….