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Motorhome in the mountains of Chamonix
Sandra Lensink

June 30, 2016

Rules bind us in Chamonix

In the series’ silly Sandra and Jeroen traveling’ we have an entertaining story for you. Tuesday the 21st we discovered by chance that our motorhome had to be approved before June the 26. That’s on short notice we thought. Jeroen immediately started calling to arrange the approval here in Chamonix. Not knowing that he was going to face a whole bunch of rules.

No, sir …
No, sir, arranging an approval for your motorhome cannot be done abroad. What about one Europe (which is anyway a good question)? No sir, procrastination is absolutely impossible. No sir, we can not make an exception to still be insured. Now what? Within 2 months we have been in a garage twice for a few days. Now á la minute a 2.500km drive for an approval? Just now our sporting hearts sparkle of happiness? Here in Chamonix everything, really everything exudes sportiness.

No more driving
After a whole afternoon of calling and surfing on the internet we found one option to stay. So we went looking for a place to settle us. And suspended our motorhome until the date that we do want to go to the Netherlands. Early September Jeroen gives workshops there. Nice combo. September 5 seems the ideal travel date. Our friend and insurance consultant, Wilbert, needed all his persuasion to arrange a safeguard that allows us to drive only on that day. To drive to the inspection. We are in your debt, Wilbert!

Summer Dreams
Now let’s check whether this option of ‘no more driving’ upsets our summer dreams? Oh beautiful, nope. Jeroen already wanted to hitchhike to his men’s adventure next week. The training camp Tour Monte Rosa I reach by train, bus and legs. Threesomes we train to the Swiss Alps for a trailruncamp with BTK events. Then hurry back to Chamonix for the track and trail running camp where can I go by bike. After all these preparatory camps it is time for our ultimate summer challenge. We use public transport to go to trailrun tour Monte Rosa on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of September. Experiencing if our legs are ready to run 116km in three days and defy a 7,600 ascend. Only Glocknertrail in Austria has to be canceled of our ‘summer-to-do-list’.

Jeroen during a trail run in Chamonix

Did you know that the universe listens to your wishes?
For a month or so we muse about a longer stay at a paradisiacal place where all our heart’s desires meet. Constantly making new discoveries expanded our body and mind greatly. However, in recent weeks ‘internal unrest and domesticity’ regularly pulled on us. What our ‘dream-place-wish-list’ is like?
– Infinite mountains and trails to please our trail legs.
– Sportive, nature loving yogis and yogashala’s
– a relaxed, natural golf course with magnificent views.
– Organic groceries
– A sporty urban village with international allures
– Cozy & healthy coffee & dining places
It can’t be a coincidence that rules bind us. Right here in Chamonix where our whole ‘dream-place-wish-list’ meets.

‘The Field’
An a small and bigger scale we experience more and more that what we think about comes true. Positive and negative. Are you interested in the ability to create your own reality through your desires and intentions? Then we warmly recommend the book ‘The Field’ by science journalist Lynne McTaggart.

Beware of what you wish for. You might going to get it 😉

Golf equipment in Chamonix mountains