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Sandra Lensink

December 14, 2015

Yoga brings me back to my nature

Yoga has become ‘a way of life’ for me. It makes me aware of who I am. It creates rest and relaxation, but also strength and flexibility. Actually, I cannot explain it in words. After a yoga-session I feel a little bit more ‘developed’ physically as well as mentally and emotionally. I return to my natural strength.

Yoga & walking in Switzerland
In 2009, I went to Switzerland with one of my closest friends Rianne, for a yoga & walking week. We still talk about this week. I received so many insights during this week, the perfect combination of yoga & walking, relaxation and exercise. And how impressed was I with the nice energy of the couple who accompanied us. Everything was right! Subconsciously, I think that the universe has given me the message that a future like that was something for me…

My ‘de-velopment’
Now six years later I have taken stress counsellor, nutrition studies and Eastern and Western medical basic knowledge courses. I have deepened my knowledge in the 3.5 year long yoga study at Critical Alignment. In August of 2013, I have expanded my yoga journey with a 5-week long teacher training at Restorative Alignment Yoga in Mexico. Also I have taken many workshops and enlightenment weeks in the fields of yoga, meditation, personal development and running. Such as Chi-Running at Marion Meesters, a Wim Hof Week in Poland, a walking & compass week in Scotland, Rebirth of the Soul at the ‘Gewijde Reis’, a snow-walking adventure in Norway, breathing training at Purana and an annual enlightenment week on Critical Alignment for teachers. During my own ‘journey of de-velopment’ I got to know my love, Jeroen. And look at us today… I am writing about our journey in the mountains at Embrun. Just starting a new phase of our lives…

Writing about…
In what form I will share my experience with yoga, meditation and breathing with you is not completely clear yet to me. How this will coincide with being in nature and trail-running is also not clear. I trust the universe will guide my way with this too… So, to be continued.