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Jeroen Jonk

March 7, 2016

Time for a reset


Time flies when you are having fun! A blink of our eyes and the first three months of our journey are history. Up to two weeks ago it mostly was a holiday for us. And we enjoyed it very much! We enjoyed the abundance of food and drinks as well. Countless café’s con leche, quecho’s filled with cream, fruity vinos and the sweetest pasteleria’s have caressed our tongues. Yummy! Despite plenty of movement to sweet, soft love handles have started to grow.

Honeymoon weeks
The first twelve weeks felt like a honeymoon. However a feeling of anxiety and dissatisfaction started to grow in both of us. This feeling was unspoken at first. Because say for yourself, we are incredible ‘lucky bastards’ to make this journey! However beautiful your life might seem from the outside. It is still important to listen to these voices. They tell you something about your inner drive.

On a mission
The ‘voices’ told us that it was time to look at the goal of this journey. Jeroen wholeheartedly loves coaching, sports and games. And enjoy I yoga, running and healthy food. This year we give ourselves all the room needed to grow further in our passions. With that we build a firm foundation for our dream. And that is? While traveling be able to give workshops and retreats to share our experiences and inspiration. Time for deepening in ourselves and our new working life.

We do not deliver ‘half measures

The start of a rigorous ‘spring-cleaning’. No more sleeping in. This does not feel good to this early bird. Set the alarm at half past five and ‘hop’ straight to my yoga mat. Rise and Shine! It is a blessing to be able to even do yoga in the isle of our camper. And hour later Jeroen gets up as well and takes Floyd to the peaceful beach of Guincho to do Chi Kung there. After that it is time for our detox-shake and the assignment ‘effortlessly be yourSELF’.

Detox for a fresh start
The book ‘Medium’ gave us the idea for a detox. For 12 days we have indulged ourselves with limitless fruit and raw vegetables. What a party ;-). Jeroen has committed himself for 2 weeks. Me for 4. The withdrawals: moodiness, tiredness, headaches and a weak feeling have been left behind us and made place for a new, fresh energy. We are aware that we eat too much. Chew badly. Do not really taste. Eat more than you really need. A banana? Tastes like a piece of cake now!

Effortlessly be yourSELF
Mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well it is time for a clean-up. The limiting convictions about what life is supposed to look like. How you should behave. Man! So tiring, don’t you think? They get in the way of living fully free and happy as well. That is why we have started the 60-day online course ‘Effortlessly be yourSELF’, by Vera Helleman. Our experiences now we have come to day 20? It is painfully tiring to experience how often we literally act based on convictions, fear and so-called knowledge. On moments when we see through the entire game we laugh at it whole-heartedly. That feels very liberating.

Close your eyes for a moment after the next question.
Who are you, when you let go of everything that you think you are/should be, does that disturb your life?

Sandra doing yoga in the camper