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Jeroen Jonk

September 25, 2017

That you exist

Our meeting in Copenhagen. We spread our feathers like proud peacocks. The fun in our eyes find each other in a twinkling challenge. My most beautiful, sultry summer dress drapes over my legs in front of Jeroen’s eyes. We court each other and it feels like we are floating. Until the light goes out late that night. As Claudia de Breij sings: Because when I miss you, I know how nice it is. Oh yeah, that you exist!

Great desire

The next morning, our joint journey ‘with the end in mind’ begins. Jeroen wants to fly back on 29 August. Flying from Oslo appears to be by far the cheapest. As such, price determines our route in part this time. Along the west coast of Sweden toward Norway. To fulfil another great desire: being in the mountains.

jeroen en floyd_opt

Mating dance

After two days, our mating dance starts to extinguish a bit and we notice that our radio towers are broadcasting on two different wavelengths. There is a mist around the receiving stations. Jeroen is full of enthusiasm about his golf-flow-challenge and wants to take me along in the plans he has for this. I live in my nomadic-writing-photography-bubble and need to get used to the fact that I no longer determine the direction by myself. Last year, it already showed that when we experience great, overenthusiastic energy, our communication suffers. We then see our own worldview as the other’s truth, which results in frustrations, disappointments, and feeling ‘unheard’.

dames op plein van boven_opt

Big shift

A big shift in this led us to learning about Non-Violent-Communication. Listening. Repeating what the other says to have our own wisdoms speak. Together, we research what feelings are hidden behind words. And, more than anything, no unsolicited advice for each other. Oh, how difficult it is to not interrupt the other and yell: yes, I recognise that too! By biting on the tips of our tongues, they look like castle battlements by now. Oh well. That evening, it was raining anyway. A great moment to sit back and re-adjust our radio frequencies.

boompje links_opt


Insider information

Now, we only butt heads over the idea to go into the mountains. In Oslo, we set out navigation to the Hardangervida National park. Our lack of information about this area starts bothering me on the way. Better refuel first. I see a sporty-looking couple licking a huge soft ice cream. I’m going to treat us to some as well! It immediately created a bond and the four of us end up at a picnic bench together. The couple turns out to know the area like the backs of their hands, and they throw an extensive map on the table. Half an hour later, we are on our way again. With a full tank and a wealth of insider information. Thank you, coincidence.

Alive and kicking!

Singing freely and hopping left and right in our chairs, we reach the most idyllic sleeping place by a reflective lake an hour later. We pretend we do not see the ‘no-camping’ sign and set up camp here. Our happiness, the ice cold mountain water, and the wine flow along and through our bodies. We feel alive and kicking! Astonished, we enjoy the show created by the evening sun and the mountains. It feels like a welcome ritual. Specifically for us.