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Handpan Comfortzone
Sandra Lensink

March 8, 2016

Out of your comfortzone

In Carcassonne all of the cells in our bodies were enchanted by the sounds of the handpan. This intriguing instrument awakened the musicians in us. Oh, shall we give on to ourselves? And yes, after a lot of doubt we have given ourselves a new, creative hobby! Last week the guests at the campsite were able to enjoy the first hesitant strumming sounds.

Who will teach us to play?
That question, of course, has kept us busy. Until the moment when I looked at the Facebook page of ‘House of Wonders’. Oh Jeroen ‘our prayers have been heard’, I called out enthusiastically. And on Sunday they were heard, at this, too nice, eatery (you must go there when you are in Cascai!). A Poetry & Handpan performance. So we go there on our bikes….

Sandra out of her comfort zone
In a very intimate ambiance we listened to the mesmerising poetry of Queen Lariuskus. Accompanied by the virtuoso Sanya Barakova, whose fingers slide over the handpan so smoothly, relaxed and quickly. A night full of romance! In which I took the chance, admittedly with red cheeks, to recite a poem in English. With this action outside my comfort zone I gave myself butterflies in my stomach!

The first lesson on Monday!
Sanya was immediately enthusiastic to teach us. No sooner than Monday we stood on her doorstep. For two hours we zealously dropped our fingers on the handpan to get the right touch. We were immersed in playing. To Jeroen she directly said: play slower, why such hurry? To me: do not try so hard. Hahaha, she read our characters quickly….

Jeroen outside his comfort zone
Today I have admired Quinta da Regaleira. At the same time Jeroen showed his musical skills on the market square of Sintra. Awkwardly he started the first tones which immediately gave him a curious crowd and interesting conversations. When we returned Jeroen glowed from ear to ear. We already fantasise about the next step outside our comfort zone. Jeroen playing and me singing…

When was the last time you stepped outside your comfort zone and what feeling did that give?
We are very curious about your stories… please share your story with us.

Handpan Session Carcassone