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Trailrunning Portugal Trilhos Almourol
Sandra Lensink

April 15, 2016

Lonesome running

After the 50 km Serra da Lousa trail it is official, we are trail run-junkies. With our legs still trembling, our heads were busy planning the next, wild, trail-plan. From Pedrogao Grande (where we have lived for the last six weeks) the long distance trail GRZ starts, to end 175 km later in Constancia. What if we were to chop this trail into six portions? Every day one of us is allowed to trail. On your ‘non-trail-day’ you drive the camper to the finish for that day. A fabulous idea, don’t you think? And so Jeroen started the first stretch on Sunday the 27th of March. And I finished on Friday April 1st in Constancia. On Sunday Trilhos do Almourol as the ‘icing on the cake’.

On the move
Every day one of us can enjoy the hills for 25 to 35 kilometres. With constant open views of the river Zezére. Past tiny towns, cheerful roadsides filled with flowers and singing waterfalls, being mesmerised with natural emptiness. And oh, how much that was needed this week. As you will read later. Misty, freezing mornings. Bright sunshine in the afternoon. Alternated with pounding hail storms and pouring rains. The weather places the scenery in different lighting. With every step we become more and more ‘grounded’.

trail run gr33 portugal


Fire breathing dragons
Lonesome-running literally puts us ‘back on our own two feet’. Every day one of us returns with the clearest plans of their own traveling work-future. At the same time this scares us deep inside for ‘our selves’. We do not dare to discuss with honesty. This feeling covers the bottom of our twelve square feet living arrangements, in ‘eggshells’. Icy, unbreakable silences are created. Wednesday morning the eggshells explode! In us two touchy fire-breathing dragons are born. The arguments, that go far, go on until Friday morning. Totally unknown for us. In the words of Vera Helleman, ‘The dust which rests on both our hearts may be blown off to learn to know each other and ourselves better’.

Friction creates shine
After the fire-breathing, relief follows. There is room for an open-hearted conversation. Jan Kortie describes ‘our challenge’ beautifully in his book ‘jouw ziel wil zingen’ (your soul wants to sing). We were tuning too much. This seems very loving, serviceable and sensitive. But is acting from fear. We were afraid to lose our true self completely in each other. Afraid to lose the other. However harmony does not mean to adapt your sound to that of the other person. But to voice your own unique sound. A bird sings in his own tune. Complete honesty and encouraging the other person in our passions. That is the oath we took together. Because we travel in one camper now this may mean that our path will part sometimes. Since we have given each other room for our own development we prefer nothing than being together.

Free the Head and Heart at Trilhos do Almourol
What a moving week! Physically and emotionally. The head and heart have luckily been cleared at the time of the start of Trilhos do Almourol on Sunday. Jeroen chose the 41 km, me the 27. Happily we ran our own course. At the finish we fell into each other’s arms. Let a tear run free and order a deserved cold beer….

PS: do you want more information about trail GRZ? Call or e-mail us. We like to hear from you! sandra@letsbundl.com or +31627095274.

T railrunning Portugal trail GR33