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Sandra Lensink

August 7, 2016

Life without masks

Today we want to share a very beautiful blog from Alexander Bell. We met Alexander briefly during our stay at Gravito. Since then I am a fan of his writings. Hopefully this story will inspire you to judge less. T0 dare to be completely yourself and to let others be unconditionally themselves too.

Why do people hide from each other?
Why do they smile and pretend they are feeling one way, when inside they are feeling something different?

Are we afraid of people seeing who we really are, and what is really going on in us? Are we scared of people seeing that we are feeling angry, afraid or insecure? And why? Where is the threat in being seen for who you really are?
Perhaps it is because we are used to people judging us. Perhaps we may judge others who appear weak, aggressive and so on, so we determine that we will not show these aspects of ourself to others, as we feel we are likely to be judged also.

Nobody likes to be judged by another
It is not a pleasant thing, and feels quite hostile and unkind – which, energetically, it certainly is. Yet people think nothing of taking about their friends behind their backs, gossiping, judging them, pigeonholing them…. And in essence this is the effect it has. It mentally creates boxes, conceptual structures, that we confine people to with out thoughts about them, and they have to deal with this mental energy that we are projecting onto them. We cannot truly call ourself a friend to someone if we do this.

Yet it is conditioned, and it is a consequence of our own insecurity
It somehow makes us feel more secure to judge other people, makes us feel more righteous, like a better person perhaps, because at least we are not like them, at least we do not make the kind of mistakes they make. So how can we free ourselves – as well as those we consider to be our friends – from judgment? Because let’s face it, if we are judgmental of another, we must also be judgemental of ourselves, and all judgement does is create a mental limitation in our perspective. For example, if we are not able to see the beauty, the heart, the goodness, the innocence in another human being, then can we truly see it in ourselves? If we see negatively, then our vision is limited, and can only see limitation. Wouldn’t it be better to see that which is unlimited, beyond the ego, beyond personality, beyond everything that is imperfect by its very nature?

It is important that we strive to see the goodness and the innocence in everyone, because it is there
And if we look at that part of another person, we bring attention to it, so that they will find it easier to see it in themselves. This is one of the greatest gifts we can give to another person, because it helps them to see who they really are, beyond the ideas they have about themselves, beyond the masks they present to the world out of their insecurity. Everyone needs help in this way, because what are masks, what are pretences, what are judgments? They are a form of mental imprisonment. We cannot be free if we are judging another. It is but a subtle self-delusion of self-righteousness. And we cannot be free if we are showing only our mask to others.

The good news is…
…that even if someone – or a group of people – are judging you negatively, you can remain untouched by their judgements. You do not have to allow that mental perspective to enter your reality. Only if you engage with the judgments, react to them, get angry about them or feel weakened by them, do you suffer. But you do not have to engage with them, because they occur only on the level of mind – a very superficial level indeed. Freedom is always found deeper within, when we remember our heart and the peace which exists there. We are untouched by any external phenomenon when we are in this space, because it is Truth. Anything projected by the mind is but illusion, and we always have the freedom to choose Truth over illusion.

It is not complicated
Just a case of untangling our attention from the sticky mental realm, and bringing it back into our body. As we relax our body, we remember our peace, and harmony is easily restored to our being. We create so much disharmony with our thought processes, and then we wonder why we don’t feel free, why we don’t feel at peace. We have to be vigilant, and see what we are creating for ourselves, because even if we believe ourselves to be correct in our judgment of another, we are simply creating subtle disharmony within ourselves. We are creating an energy of division and separation, therefore we will never be able to experience the true harmony of unity while we continue to judge or hide from others.

So give others the freedom that you wish to have for yourself, because in Truth, we are One. 

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