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Sandra Lensink

January 28, 2016

Life is a playground

Wednesday morning, half past six. There you are, in your camper. The deeply wanted emptiness is present and can be felt. How confronting. How do I deal with this new reality? The ability to teach a run & yoga-lesson as well as two yoga-lessons made the Wednesday my ‘favourite day’ of the week. Now I miss all the wonderful people that came in weekly to find enlightenment in movement with me.

Two big tears
But don’t worry! We have taken all of the lovely cards that everyone has written. With Floyd in my lap I read all of the nice words. It moves me to hear that my lessons were of value in so many different ways. Two big tears run onto a card unexpectedly.

A happy person has kept their inner-child
When reading Olga’s card, our sister (-in-law), tears willingly make place for a smile: ‘A happy person has kept their inner-child’. That is exactly the goal of our journey. Jeroen and I had lost our ‘inner-child’. This message tells me, ‘go outside’. There I am greeted by the sun with its most radiant smile. This moment I want to share. Long live Facebook.

Blog Bundl PLayground


Play a game with us!
Reminiscent of earlier days we go for a walk. The stones along the river call out to us, ‘play a game with us’. Hop from stone to stone, without touching the ground. Yes! I will play! Until the trip down ‘memory lane’ takes me back to that little girl. That girl who likes to sing. On the toilet with the door locked. Standing on the seat, I could just see myself in the mirror. Using the can of hairspray as a microphone, I turned it into real ‘one-woman-show’. These memories make me sing spontaneously.

Liberation of voice
My fantasy comes to life. When I look for a stage. There! A bit higher up the mountain. My audience is the view. Using a stick as a microphone works perfectly well. Musical accompaniment comes from my phone. Like this I lose myself in the ‘liberation of my voice’. Do I actually need this workshop, which I placed high on my ‘to-do list’ of workshops? My entire favourite repertoire follows. I feel like that little six year old girl when I continue my walk after my performance.

Until the orange orchard. There the rascal in me awakes. It is time to harvest the oranges. That is not done everywhere in this region. This orchard is one of those. Do I climb over the fence and pick some? Before I have thought it through six forbidden fruits have found their way into my backpack. I justify the idea by making sugar free jam from them. Awkwardly I continue to the village for a cup of coffee.

Life is just a playground
In the village I walk past the toy-store. In the window I see ‘Alice in Wonderland’ as well as a ‘snow globe’. Isn’t life just a playground? When I return the neighbours interestedly ask what I have done today. Oh nothing special… went for a walk, smile. And you?

snowglobe and alice