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Jeroen Jonk

December 16, 2015

Golf as a metaphor for life

I see the game of golf as ‘the metaphor for life’. While playing I help you to gain an insight into your character, connected to archetypes. At the hand of the 18 holes we analyse your lifeline, as well.

My inspiration
There are a number of people who inspire me, and have helped me in my own development on this path. From day one that has been my father of course, as a motivator and inspiration. The last years Frits Philips Jr. as well, as a mentor, colleague and coach. Other fellow coaches who have taught me a lot are Rudi Francken of Birdie Leadership, Reinoud Eleveld of Iron Shirt of golf, Roel Timmermans and Bert Verstraten. Books that had an impact on me are ‘The Inner game’ by Timothy Gallwey and ‘Kagami Golf’ by Sue Crowcroft.

When using golf as a ‘character-shaper’ we view which archetypes fit you:
– Which archetype comes forward with what position of the ball?
– How do you translate these positions and archetypes into your daily affairs?
– When are you in your primal energy?
– What are your pitfalls?
– Do you recognise conscious and less conscious (muscle) tension?
– How do you handle setbacks? Can you stay concentrated?
– Can you relax at the right time?
– How do you connect to yourself and the members of flight/team?

Golf as a ‘lifeline’
I also see ‘the 18 holes’ as a shortened version of your lifeline. At hole 1 you are born and at the 18th hole you start the last phase of your life. While playing we talk about:
– Which hole are you at, at the moment?
– How do you see the holes you have already played?
– How did you handle success, setbacks and the loss of balls?
– How do you want to play the following holes?
– Do you keep doing what you already did? Or are you capable of breaking patterns?
– Are you capable to play the lead in your life (golf) game?
I welcome you to discover your answers to these questions while playing a game.

What drives me?
I want to create a playing room in myself and others, in which relaxation and pleasure automatically lead to the best game. During this game I enjoy being your caddy. Throughout our journey I like to take you along through my writing, in all my developments. Look from time to time at www.innergame.nl or events. Maybe you will find an event you like!