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Sandra Lensink

February 2, 2016

Beautiful connections

Our journey is full of meetings with all different kinds of people. People with whom we could open up our hearts. We could let a tear fall. Who literally or figuratively showed us the way. With whom we laughed until our “stomachs hurt”. With whom we philosophised about life. Or with whom we chit-chatted during the dishes.

The yogi’s
There were Elleke and Pieter who saw their dream come to life when they started their retreat-centre on La Borde Blanque. The life stories from all of the fellow yogis were as unique and inspiring. The vital Meggy of seventy! Who I admired the most. A half year ago she lost her husband after a long illness. She now enjoys the dream they had together of living in a Feng Shui house in Barcelona.

The guides
There was the unknown (good-looking:-)) trail runner, who literally saved us from the foul stinking suburb of Madrid. He guided us to the modern and spacious Parque Lineal and showed us in the direction of the centre. Frederico guarded us as well, from taking the wrong path. His life story and ‘Spanish for beginners’ course were free extras. Countless travel tips, that have directed our journey, were given by our fellow travellers.

The inspirators
There were the Israeli psychologists Shai and Lotem, who changed their lives dramatically after a trip to Madrid. This resulted in their own vegetarian restaurant called ‘La Hummuseria’. Finger-licking good food! Marianne and David will always be in our hearts with their wise life experiences and relaxed outlook on life. The richness of life in a commune, relaxation and care for nature were taught to us by residents of the Ecolonie.

The trail runners
There were ‘trail run-fanatics’ in Houfallize who stimulated us to reach great heights. The one who stimulated us to dare to make more speed on the rocky mountain paths was the super-fit 65-year old Paul of trailrunspain. After an e-mail he spontaneously took 2 days to climb the mountains around Loja with us, together with his dog Ratata and stray Chucky.

The drivers
There were the drivers who drove Jeroen from Malaga to Orgiva after a week in Holland. ‘The though one’ floored it and showed that his shabby car could reach 170 km per hour. Jeroen held his breath. There was hardly any talking. With the ‘Deep Purple fan’ it was mainly singing along to ‘Child in time’. Talking about the free life in Orgiva offered a pack of two young ladies and three dogs. Jeroen drove home in a car that had brakes which hardly worked.

What original question do you ask?
No matter how enthusiastically we were about each meeting, writing about it was not as easy as it seemed. That is why we are looking for some original questions to quickly reach the core of someone’s life story and wisdom. In this way this inspiration becomes easier to share for us. We are thinking about a maximum of three questions… What question(s) would you ask? Let us know. All suggestions are more than welcome! Thank you in advance, for thinking with us.

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