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Sandra Lensink

January 5, 2016

Alice in Wonderland


After many intense hugs, we leave our ‘New years-yoga family’, on a Sunday morning at La Borde Blanque. The past week we have been able to make an inner journey to peace and relaxation. Now our outward journey continues… First to the supermarket to re-stock our fridge. Afterwards we have been invited by Marianne, the chef of the past week, and her Scottish friend David.

Philosophising about life
Amongst others David is a writer and editor of books in the field of ‘mystics and science’. It is wonderful to philosophise with them about the meaning of life and discuss all the books they and we have read. With each subject David takes another interesting book from the bookcase. Because we are immersing ourselves in the philosophy of the Cathars they have suggested the book ‘The O Manuscript’ by Lars Mühl. Jeroen has already started reading the book. After a couple of inspiring hours the time has come to also say goodbye to these incredibly sweet people. The parting is difficult for Floyd as well. In the last week he has become close friends with their dog Joey.

After an hour’s drive we are on top of ‘Col de Montsegur’. The weather is rough, it is raining and the wind is blowing hard. From our window we can see the castle. While I cook, Jeroen has already immerged himself into ‘The O Manuscript’. What was the case here, the writer himself has travelled to Montsegur to release ‘old baggage’…To do this he has performed a ceremony while walking to the castle. Throughout our journey we have been surprised by the synchronicity guiding our way. And now again! We agree quickly. Tomorrow morning we will perform the ceremony ourselves…

Storm on the Col
But for now, to bed! Or so we think… The wind turns into a storm. I cannot seem to fall asleep. With every gust I startle. Though Sandra does not want to admit it at first. But actually, I am afraid. When I have not fallen asleep at 4.30, Jeroen climbs behind the wheel in his boxers, to drive us down the mountain. Not 5 minutes later, I fall fast asleep.

Releasing ‘Old baggage’ at Montsegur
After a good night’s sleep and breakfast in bed, we get dressed for the rain. Time to start the climb and ceremony. At the bottom of the mountain where the castle is located, a memorial can be found. It is the place where in 1244 about 250 Cathars were voluntary burned at the stake. The writer has collected 9 stones at this spot. The stones symbolise the following baggage to release:

– Your fear of daring to follow your unique life path.
– Your reservations to be yourself around other people.
– The family patterns that inhibit you.
– The patterns that inhibit you in a relationship with women or men.
– All of your unimportant and unnecessary worries.
– All ‘mistakes’ you have made and all shortcomings you believe you have.
– The final three are a symbol of all fear you experience in your life and come out through:
– cowardness
– arrogance
– being pedantic

We zealously gather 9 stones as well near the memorial. We place them in our back pack and climb the rock headed towards the castle. At the entrance we take the stones out. After a moment of meditation we throw them down, one by one. There!! Now we can continue our journey, happier and without care……

Alice in Wonderland
That is how I have felt the last few days, or as Jeroen says, you look like a ‘radiant chicken’. I am filled with awe about all the beautiful people I have met the last few days. Filled with amazement about our ‘easy & slow ride’. Filled with amazement about the beautiful nature we are allowed to ‘be in’. And full of amazement about what is to come. It feels as if we are the subject of a romantic movie. Dreaming, we drive on into Andorra. Straight into a snow globe. You probably know them, a glass ball with a cosy scene. And when you shake it, it snows…. Which it does :-).

stones together